How to sell more insurance to customers?

  • How to sell more insurance to customers?

    The foundation of an insurance sales person’s job is the contact with the customer, so it is worth paying close attention to how communication takes place, what problems occur during customer service and how the whole process can be improved. As the pool of customers grows, so does the amount of work to be done. […]

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  • Electronic signatures of policies

    The traditional model of selling policies involves signing them manually and has been in use for years, but it is very time-consuming. In order to conclude a contract, the agent sends the policy by post, then the person who buys the insurance signs the document, sends it back and only then we have a formally […]

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  • Insurance service

    At VSoft, we understand the challenge of handling sales and insurance. Especially if we take into account how many different types of such offers are available on the market. The VSoft Insurance Broker application will help in handling each of them thanks to specially adapted functionalities to facilitate work in the field of property, fleet […]

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  • 5 reasons to choose VSoft Insurance Broker!

    Operation of brokerage support to one system and automate some of the activities? In our case, you can find VSoft solution if you want to get your insurance score. See the strongest solutions and solutions that translate into quality and satisfaction that a business has. Low Threshold of Fulfillment – SaaS The available service as […]

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  • Email templates

    Does it happen that you often send similar message content? Did you know that at VSoft Insurance Broker you can define your own email templates? When sending messages with specific content, you do not have to create them from scratch each time. Just go to the (Configuration) menu, then select E-mail Templates and add your […]

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