Email templates

  • Email templates

    Does it happen that you often send similar message content? Did you know that at VSoft Insurance Broker you can define your own email templates? When sending messages with specific content, you do not have to create them from scratch each time. Just go to the (Configuration) menu, then select E-mail Templates and add your […]

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  • Integrated e-mail box

    The work of the office requires a smooth flow of information. The speed of message delivery can be critical to many decisions and actions. Therefore, the full integration of the tools used is extremely important. VSoft Insurance Broker provides integration with an individual mail server. Using this functionality is possible by entering connection data in […]

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  • Reporting in a brokerage office

    It will probably not be a controversial statement that in terms of management, running a brokerage office does not differ in essence from managing any other company. The basis of management is the necessity to make many decisions, which often have an impact on how to continue to be or not to be a company. […]

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