Software for insurance brokers

VSoft Insurance Broker supports the daily work of brokers and improves work efficiency

VSoft Insurance Broker means

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Application modules

The modules we have created help you handle your processes with ease!

Brokerage query

  • Register of queries and offers
  • Building insurance coverage
  • Generation of query document
  • Collective dispatch of queries
  • Register of appendices
  • Comparison of offers
  • Analysis of offers in MS Excel
  • Recommendation document


  • Register of policies and subject matters of insurance
  • Annexing
  • Renewals
  • Monitoring of expiring policies
  • General agreements
  • Fleet management


  • Register of contractors
  • 360° view
  • Integration with Statistics Poland websites
  • Contact persons
  • Register and history of contacts
  • Smart filter – quick and easy search

Work organisation

  • E-mail integration
  • Management dashboards
  • Calendars, tasks and events
  • Alerts and reminders

Customer website

  • Access to policy and payment information
  • Downloading a policy document
  • Reporting claims
  • Monitoring the status of reported claims
  • Document exchange with your broker


  • Register of claims
  • Reporting a claim via the Customer Website
  • Recording of claim documentation
  • Deadline monitoring
Billing and invoicing
  • Generation of commission invoices
  • Import of commission files
  • Register of payments and reimbursements
  • Processing of commission invoices
  • Settlements with employees and cooperating entities
  • PFSA report
  • Settlement reports
  • Portfolio structure and production summary report
  • Dynamic reports module based on the ODATA protocol

Configuration and parameterisation

  • Dictionaries of risks, clauses and extensions
  • Templates for brokerage query, recommendation and other documents
  • TU directories and cooperating entities
  • Roles and permissions

Our customer testimonials


We use a wide range of functionalities in the VSoft Insurance Broker application

The VIB system facilitates and supports the work of BIK Brokers. This is made possible by extensive task delegation options, calendar viewing, email integration and configurable processes.


The system immediately provides data on the distribution of roles and the duration of individual tasks and their stage.


Michał Daniluk, Member of the Management Board of BIK Brokers