Frequently asked questions

Below we have collected the most frequently searched questions in the context of our application

At the start, we will help you import your previously collected data on contractors, policies and payments. The import is based on dedicated MS Excel templates.

No. All the data you enter while using the demo version can also be accessed in the paid version.

There is no need to do so. You can use the application through your browser, which allows you to use the system on different devices, anytime and anywhere the Internet is available.

VIB can be used by any number of users. However, their allowed number depends on the size of the license. Remember that you can buy additional licenses at any time – to do so, contact us via the Helpdesk.

Yes. VIB has an advanced roles and permissions management module. You can independently define the access of given roles to particular modules of the system. You can assign any number of roles to a user and specify whether the permissions apply only to reading data or also to editing it. In addition, you can use the functionality of data separation between users belonging to separate units or teams. This means that data assigned to users of one unit will not be visible to users from other units and vice versa.

A Helpdesk portal is available for users, allowing them to communicate directly with VSoft for support or additional information, as well as to submit suggestions for system development. A help module is available in VIB itself, where you can find information on how to use particular functionalities, user documentation or instructional videos.

Yes. You can create an account for each contractor in the Customer Portal. Thanks to it, your client will have access to, among other things, their policies, objects of insurance (including fleets), as well as damages with the possibility of monitoring the progress of their liquidation. In addition, through the Customer Portal it is possible to report a claim or exchange documents.

Yes. We want our customers to be able to experience all the capabilities of VIB during the testing period, so the demo version includes the full functionality available in the standard license.

In such a situation, all you need to do is contact VSoft, e.g. via Helpdesk. We will take care of the rest for you.

Of course, here are some examples of how we secure them: your data is stored in a professional and secure and one of the most modern Data Center in Poland. In addition, we backup your data every day. Access to the application itself is through an individual login and a sufficiently strong password.

To begin with, we provide you with a 10 GB database at your disposal, which you can use to store e-mails and attachments. You can increase the size of the database at any time – just contact us via the Helpdesk.

Upon termination of the contract, we will transfer the data you entered into the system to you in the form of MS Excel files.

According to the interpretation of the FSA, the cloud infrastructure in the configuration provided to customers as part of the VIB Service provided by VSoft is a public cloud infrastructure.

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We will also help you after implementation


Our dedicated support team is at your disposal whenever you need us. We are ready to provide support, answer questions and resolve any doubts so that you can safely use our solution. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support. You can count on our expertise and quick response to any of your inquiries or problems.

Workshops for companies

Do you want every employee of your company to easily start using VIB? Take advantage of our offer of workshops for firms. When you decide to purchase the service, you give support in implementing the system in your organization, consultations on maximum use of the functionality and tips on how to organize processes in the system.