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50% less time spent preparing a request for quotation!

Case study of the Capital Brokers brokerage firm

The use of the VIB application to automate the processes of creating and comparing offers has allowed the Capital Brokers firm to save an average of 50% of the time previously spent preparing queries. The system also allowed for an in-depth analysis of the customer service process, which is extremely important in the work of every insurance broker.

Greater team efficiency and faster report generation

Case study of Arteria brokerage firm

The application assists in the day-to-day operation of the firm by, for example, enabling the efficient execution of tasks and conducting various operations related to the firm’s activities.


The most frequently used VIB functionality in the Arteria firm is the dynamic reports module, which makes it possible to quickly generate reports containing data.

A maximally automated customer service process

Case study of the Crafto Brokers brokerage firm

At the Crafto Brokers firm, the application allowed the customer service process to be automated, while maintaining a high quality of service. Thanks to the ‘Customer Website‘ module, the firm’s business partners have access to full insurance documentation, as well as the ability to manage their fleet of vehicles and report claims to the personnel.