Interview with Michał Batycki, CEO of Crafto Brokers

The Wrocław-based brokerage office of Crafto Brokers is a place where many years of experience meet a fresh look and new technologies. We talk to Michał Batycki, CEO, about the needs of the industry, investment in development and technologies supporting everyday work.

You have been on the brokerage market for less than a year as Crafto Brokers, but your experience is much longer…

Michał Batycki: Our law firm is made up of people who have 20 years of experience in the insurance and finance sector. I myself have been dealing with insurance for 8 years, during which time the industry has undergone a huge change in the approach to risk, technology, as well as in terms of the range of insurance products, and even the customer experience itself. Thanks to such experience, we immediately knew in which direction we wanted to take at Crafto Brokers. From the very beginning, our strategy assumed a strong commitment to technological solutions, supporting not only the management of the brokerage office, but also, above all, customer service.

Why should customers reach for the law firm’s support? Is a broker still needed in the era of online comparison websites?

The broker was, is and will be the customer’s right hand in insurance matters. We do hard work, which is appreciated by our contractors. I think that a modern broker is someone whose services do not end with insurance consulting. At Crafto Brokers, we focus on using the experience and modern technologies offered by the insurance sector today. This is the area where the greatest value of cooperation with a broker can be found. Often, law firms focus only on a specific industry in which they are specialized, such as TSL (transport-shipping-logistics) or housing in the broad sense. This is because, in addition to the knowledge of insurance products for these industries, brokers also have extensive knowledge of a given economic sector, thanks to which they are able to assess opportunities and threats for their customers.

What kind of help can your customers count on?

Let me start by saying that we always feel like an additional employee in the customer’s company. In our cooperation with partners – because this is how we define our customers due to our common goals – we offer comprehensive insurance consulting, also in the field of risk management. We support them, among others, at the stage of the investment process, in the assessment of design solutions that affect the conditions and availability of insurance protection. We conduct insurance audits in companies and, on their basis, recommend areas for improvement. Our services also include the claims handling on behalf of the customer – from A to Z. In addition, we do not act in a conventional manner, and we are open to cooperation in the field of risk management. We take care of the customer by providing IT solutions that facilitate the handling and management of insurance in the company.

In addition to the professional offer of services, you also focus on a high level of customer experience. How do you use technology to develop your company and build a positive user experience?

The dynamically developing market of brokerage services, the growing needs of business partners and the latest trends in insurance are our motivation for continuous development and investment in processes improving customer service. In these processes, we are strongly and effectively supported by the VSoft Insurance Broker system, which we use both in the organization of our law firm’s work and for efficient customer service. It is our command centre.


The VIB application has an extension in the form of the Customer Portal, which we make available to our partners. The portal is a place where our business partners have access to complete insurance documentation, they can manage their fleet of vehicles, and report claims to service. Recently, we have implemented a solution for electronic signing of documents. Of course, better customer service cannot be just about taking advantage of the latest technology. Its purpose is to improve and streamline the process and support the broker in the implementation of their tasks. The main element of our work, influencing the final customer experience, will always be professional advice in any, even the most extreme, situation. That is why we place the greatest emphasis on the knowledge and professionalism of our specialists, so that customers feel our presence, can always rely on us and safely achieve their business goals.

The automation of the customer service process and the support of modern solutions work to the benefit of both the broker and the customer. Saving time while maintaining the quality of services is the most desirable feature of cooperation today.


I agree that saving time must go hand in hand with maintaining the quality of customer service. Each case is different and therefore requires an individual approach and assessment. However, if we can do something faster, and therefore better, then this is the perfect solution, and we are looking for such solutions at Crafto Brokers.

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