One system to automate

brokerage activities

Support your daily work and improve efficiency

Customer service at the highest level

Efficient remote team management

Comfortable partnership with insurance companies

Benefits of implementation

The application allows the scope of functions to be customised through configuration and parameterisation. This allows efficient automation of various areas of the broker’s work.


Additional benefits of our solution include:

  • an integrated process for handling a variety of insurances in a single system,
  • increased efficiency of handled processes, which guarantees high quality customer service,
  • reduction of insurance after-sales service costs,
  • flexibility of adjusting functions to individual needs,
  • a rich set of ready-made document templates.

System configuration


work organisation

Automation of customer

service processes

Reduction of after-sales service costs

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Key functionalities of

VSoft Insurance Broker

Create brokerage query

Thanks to the VIB app the routine tasks of creating brokerage queries become much more efficient. The process of creating a new brokerage query, comparing offers and generating recommendations for the customer takes up to 50% less time with VIB. Moreover, once entered data can be easily reused, further increasing productivity and work comfort.

Management of the Register of Policies and Subject Matters of Insurance

The application allows the automatic generation of policies based on the customer’s accepted offer or the manual entry of new ones. Thanks to the 360º view function, each policy is presented in the full context of the insurance agreement, providing a comprehensive view of all relevant information.

Customer file

The CRM system collects a complete history of the broker’s interactions with the customer. A specially designed customer dashboard makes it easy to analyse current sales opportunities. The full view of the panel provides complete information, enabling monitoring, verification and planning of next steps.

Secure Document Exchange

Our Customer Website is a secure place to exchange documents. Customers can access their policies, claims information and subject matter of insurance. Within specific business facilities, they can download shared files from the firm’s employees and add their own documents, ensuring effective communication and convenience.

Simple report generation

The most effective way to present data is through a variety of reports. At a brokerage firm, these often include commission reports, statements of the agreement figures, customer rankings and degrees of achievement of company and employee goals. Thanks to the app, the process of creating and generating reports is smoother than ever, allowing data to be managed quickly and efficiently.

Commissions settlement and invoicing

Our system makes it easy to record payments and distribute commissions. It makes the process of billing, reporting and generating commission invoices to insurance companies simpler than ever. In addition, email notifications ensure that customers are informed in real time when payments are due, eliminating the risk of forgetting important financial matters.


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