Use of VIB applications in the practical terms

Combine your brokerage know-how with the possibilities of a modern technological solution

Seize every sales opportunity

Timing is key in the art of successful sales – skilfully adapting the timing of the offer to the customer’s needs. The VIB application provides invaluable support, allowing you to track all stages of each potential customer’s purchase process.


In the contractor’s panel, the broker has a complete history of customer interactions, including stored documents. Access to current sales opportunities allows a quick analysis of activities, assessing the effectiveness of the steps taken and eliminating any errors at any time.

Organise work quickly and conveniently

In the customer service area, the priorities are speed and security of stored data. We have combined these goals by creating a work organisation module that allows the customer service process to be carried out optimally and ergonomically.


This module acts as a central planning and work organisation tool for all employees. The available individual calendar for each broker facilitates the planning of contacts with customers and insurance companies. As part of the system, we also offer the flexibility to set reminder dates for upcoming events, further streamlining day-to-day brokerage tasks.

Find out how you can streamline

processes in your business

Generate reports at the speed of light

The report generation process in a brokerage firm is extremely important. The data makes it possible, for example, to assess the health of the company, as well as to set goals for the future. Unfortunately, the collection and processing of data is extremely time-consuming. But there is no reason to worry, VIB application comes to the rescue, continuously collecting data so that it can be used at any time. From now on the obligation to create an annual report for the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA) will be a pleasure.


The reporting functions in VIB also include the analysis of internal data, allowing the monitoring of footnote, commissions, as well as the creation of customised reports using popular tools such as MS Excel or Power BI.

Create tailor-made brokerage queries

Producing perfectly tailored brokerage queries is a key task in the work of an insurance broker, hence our application is equipped with features that significantly streamline this task.


From a flexible risk and extension database that allows you to expand and customise your insurance software independently, to a document generator that simplifies the transfer of information, our application is designed to support the broker at every stage of their work. The register of offers makes it possible to communicate effectively with insurance companies, ensuring full control over offers and their statuses.


In addition, our offer comparison engine provides a clear comparison of data, making it easier to select the best offer. The policy catalogue allows for easy management of concluded agreements, and since the complete quotation process is available in one place it reduces the time required for this activity by up to 50%.