Interview with Katarzyna Adamowicz, owner of brokerage firm Arteria

The insurance industry is becoming increasingly competitive, requiring insurance brokers to constantly evolve in order to meet client expectations and compete effectively in the market. The decision to choose a system to support the daily work of the team seems indispensable – but which solution to choose? And above all, what are the benefits of using modern systems? The answer to this question was provided by Katarzyna Adamowicz, owner of ARTERIA Brokerage Office – which offers insurance brokerage and consultancy services.

What services does your brokerage firm offer?

The people associated with our Firm have been present in the insurance services market for over 25 years. We provide a comprehensive service in mediating and advising on all issues relating to insurance contracts concluded by our clients, including participation in the loss adjustment process.


Knowing the specifics of construction, manufacturing and commercial companies, we create insurance programmes with proprietary solutions. We are interested in unusual risks – we look for appropriate solutions for them. We are an expert company whose team understands the needs of Clients and creates dedicated insurance programmes based on a constantly updated knowledge of the possibilities of the Polish insurance market.

You have been using the VSoft Insurance Broker system for about a year now. What motivated you to change and look for a new solution – why did you decide on VIB?

Yes – about a year ago we decided to change systems. We had previously been using two other platforms. One was no longer being updated and the other proved to be unintuitive.


One of the key reasons that motivated us to switch to VIB was the change in the company’s structure, which required an advanced and efficient tool. We chose VIB because it is intuitive. The ability to easily navigate the platform’s functions allows us to quickly learn how to use it and optimise our operations. Many tasks are performed with a few clicks, which makes work much easier and saves time.

Which VIB functionality is most useful in your daily work? Which do you use most often and why?

In our daily work, we use VIB to record ‘production’ and monitor expiring policies. With this tool, we can track the expiry dates of insurance contracts and plan our work.


The most frequently used functionality of VIB is the dynamic reports module. With it, we are able to quickly generate reports containing the data we want to process or collate. This streamlines the work by allowing easy access to key information. For us, it is a controlling tool and definitely provides support in monitoring the efficiency of the Firm’s operations.

We try our best to prepare users to navigate the system, which is why we organise training workshops and offer helpdesk support throughout the period of cooperation. How do you evaluate the implementation of VIB into your company, would you recommend VIB to others?

We view the introduction of VIB very positively. When we started the implementation, we had meetings where the functionalities of the system were presented. The helpdesk offers full support and dedicated training is provided when discussing details. We would confidently recommend VIB to others.

Recent years have seen rapid technological developments, in almost all industries. Would you agree with the statement that all insurance brokers should ‘follow suit’ and start using support systems?

Yes, modern technological developments are forcing insurance brokers to use advanced support systems. I believe that the choice of cloud solutions is a necessary step in the work of brokerage firms. Modern systems enable efficient data management, effective adaptation to market changes and greatly facilitate communication within the Team, and with Clients. It is worth noting that the insurance industry is one of the sectors with the highest security standards, and VSoft declares its care for maintaining these standards – this is what we counted on when implementing VIB in our Office.

How would you summarise your work with VIB?

The programme is indispensable in our day-to-day operations, enabling us to carry out tasks efficiently and to carry out a variety of operations related to our business. We are constantly learning about the capabilities of the platform and are in constant contact with VSoft representatives. The brokerage industry and our needs are changing and we need to adapt our operations to the realities.

What are your plans for the future of your law firm?

Our focus is on the quality of the service we provide to our clients and the constant expansion of our client base.

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