Integrated e-mail box

The work of the office requires a smooth flow of information. The speed of message delivery can be critical to many decisions and actions. Therefore, the full integration of the tools used is extremely important. VSoft Insurance Broker provides integration with an individual mail server. Using this functionality is possible by entering connection data in the (Configuration) menu. Connecting to an e-mail box allows you to handle messages from the VIB tool.


The mailbox operated by the VIB user panel allows not only to receive and send messages. The panel also works as an organizer, thanks to the possibility of assigning messages to specific cases, e.g. policies, damages, briefs, or even several at the same time.


Each message can be associated with and managed from multiple business objects. Moreover, while maintaining the continuity of correspondence, VIB will automatically assign subsequent messages to the thread associated with the relevant business objects.


An additional advantage of integration is the ability to save attachments from messages to business objects. Thanks to this, we will avoid searching e-mails in order to find the selected document – the panel collects them in one place, i.e. in the Attachments tab.


The seemingly simple functionality, which is the possibility of integrating an e-mail box, undoubtedly contributes to a more efficient organization of activities, the possibility of quick access to information, as well as a much smoother analysis of the development of individual cases. Using this VIB functionality is a guarantee of time savings.

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