Reporting in a brokerage office

It will probably not be a controversial statement that in terms of management, running a brokerage office does not differ in essence from managing any other company. The basis of management is the necessity to make many decisions, which often have an impact on how to continue to be or not to be a company.


It is good to make decisions on the basis of data, and above all, information and conclusions that we draw on the basis of this data. VSoft Insurance Broker gives the possibility to collect all data in one place, and soon it will enable their even more convenient and easier than before presentation.


Various types of reports are the best form of data presentation. In a brokerage office, these may be, for example, reports related to the current and forecasted premium and commission, the number and quality of contracts concluded, customer rankings or the degree of implementation of the goals set for the company and employees.


For the report to be effective in helping to make decisions and not obscuring reality, it should be precise, presented in an accessible, attractive and understandable form. In addition, it should contain current data and be tailored to the individual requirements and preferences of the recipient.


The new reporting module provides users with reports with all these features.


First of all, the data source is the VIB database, namely its properly crafted views. Views containing data named similarly to fields in the system.


Second, the views are constantly updated and reflect the current state of the data.


Thirdly, to independently build statements and reports, the user can use commonly known and available solutions such as MS Excel or Power BI. Using their capabilities, it can create tables, statements, charts, for which the content update is done with one click.


Thanks to this solution, each user will be able to create their own reports, tailored to the current needs, which they can also share with other users.


Konrad Jakubowski, VSoft

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