5 reasons to choose VSoft Insurance Broker!

Operation of brokerage support to one system and automate some of the activities? In our case, you can find VSoft solution if you want to get your insurance score. See the strongest solutions and solutions that translate into quality and satisfaction that a business has.


Low Threshold of Fulfillment – SaaS
The available service as a possible service is immediate immediately after registering on the site. Basic data needed to work are introductory by default. You don’t have to spend time tediously from scratch. This does not come at the expense of the system painting process


You provide modern, built-in and intuitive, also a range of aids: manuals and tutorial videos, Helpdesk, starting from every website on every website and all materials published on the website.


Possibility to launch the system according to the needs of technical support Building an organizational structure, adding users and connecting them to servers, managing roles and permissions, building your own database of creation and providing things to start that the user can adapt to their requirements.


Not only data security (safe, secure and protected), but accountability security thanks to high-quality alerts and automation functions. E-mail reminders about payments, resumption alerts, storage space and Customer Portal for document exchange.


VIB will support all activities and processes, regardless of their type. A solution for a solution in such a way that you can create all the other elements that you operate.


The above is for a number of reasons why only a few sites from VSoft Broker. If you want to provide information about the possibilities of the solution, test the free application of the service. You have as much as 30 on to, by sale, or VIB will happen before work day.


Make an appointment with us for a presentation of the application!

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