Electronic signatures of policies

The traditional model of selling policies involves signing them manually and has been in use for years, but it is very time-consuming. In order to conclude a contract, the agent sends the policy by post, then the person who buys the insurance signs the document, sends it back and only then we have a formally concluded policy. Everything takes time and the individual stages must be monitored. Nowadays, there are new sales models that significantly reduce the time of concluding contracts even to a few minutes, thanks to electronic signatures.


Some of the insurance companies provide their own systems for signing documents electronically. If you want to save time, it is worth checking whether the insurance company you work with provides this kind of opportunity. Another option – the simplest and available to everyone is to sign it with a trusted profile implemented by the website www.moj.gov.pl. It is enough for the person purchasing the policy to have the trusted profile. Instructions for creating the profile can be found here. The signing of the policy using the trusted profile is accepted by insurance companies such as Allianz, Aviva, Ergo Hestia, Findia, Inter Polska, Saltus or Warta.


Nowadays, when time is of the essence, it is worth taking advantage of the opportunities resulting from the digitization of business activities. Inform your customers about policy options. Thanks to this, you will significantly increase the convenience of concluded contracts through a remote model.

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