4 reasons why you should upgrade from Excel to a system

The basic tool used in the work of many brokers is Excel. In our entries, we mentioned that properly collected and processed data in the spreadsheet helps to maintain order and organize work, but they are also a source of numerous problems. In today’s article, we want to show you why we think it’s not a perfect solution. Dedicated applications for insurance brokers and multiagencies are systems that are not only used to organize work and customer data. These are primarily applications that automate processes.

The first reason you should definitely think about the system is because your business is growing and has new employees on board.

You started with two people in the team and the mutual exchange of information and sheets was not a problem. What about the team now? The number of communication channels increases with each employee: if we have n people, then there are n*(n-1)/2 communication channels between them. In addition, you always have to take account of random situations when direct exchange of knowledge may not be possible. This causes numerous problems not only within the company, but also in communication with customers. By the time you have access to the correct spreadsheet and information on a specific client, it may be too late for action. Remember: when developing your company, take care not only of expanding your team and increasing sales, but also of technological facilities that will allow you to do your job properly and react quickly to any difficulties that arise.

Reporting “never ending story”.

Reports are an inseparable element of the broker’s work. When properly performed, they are a real signpost for further actions. If you prepare them yourself, their statement will always be exposed to the risk of error, so it is worth using applications that generate reports automatically. You will gain time and confidence that the presented data is consistent. If errors in reports and forecasts occur frequently to you, it is even more a signal that it’s time to change the way you perform them.

Are you constantly organizing your work and still feeling disorganized? This is yet another reason to change the program.

In the worksheet, you need to start by building your own workflow system. Try different methods, unfold the spreadsheets you create, and, as a result, you keep working on getting to know what activities are priorities rather than carrying them out. In dedicated applications, immediately after logging in, you will see a summary of the most important information. The system itself will remind you about all tasks and indicate what to focus on in the coming days.

The last reason, but equally important, is the division of working time.

By basing your work on Excel sheets, you are forced to constantly fill them in. This does not mean that another program will not require you to enter the data again, but you will spend much less time entering them because some of them will be processed automatically. This is important because in your daily duties it is better to focus on sales tasks than on administrative ones.


The above-mentioned reasons are certainly not the only ones, but we chose those that we consider the most important. Think about which of them you identify with and what other problems you have noticed. You don’t have to decide about purchasing a company-wide system right away. Start by testing the free versions of the programs. In the VSoft Insurance Broker application you have as much as 30 days to check if the system meets your needs. Click and discover the VIB solution!

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