What’s new in the VSoft Insurance Broker app!

We are constantly developing our solutions in the area of insurance. Two updates of the VIB application have taken place in the last month! We focused on the needs of users and the difficulties they encounter in everyday work with the system. The option to register specific payments has been introduced in the settlement panel. As a result, the user gains transparency in regard to recording of information about the payment status and policy balance. Access to information is easier and more structured.


The second update is about quick access to the portal that allows the Customer Portal users to sign documents with a trusted profile. This change significantly reduces the service time. We’re trying to simplify the document flow process as much as possible, so that VIB application users will be able to gain time for other tasks.


We hope that the facilities we have introduced will be positively received. Users can evaluate individual functionalities in the application on an ongoing basis, which we strongly encourage you to do.

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