VIB customer support and training materials

Working with VSoft Insurance Broker, you are never alone. There are several ways by which we support your daily work, regardless of whether you are an individual client or an employee of a large law firm, which is our client. A dedicated team will always respond to your request for help. We have also posted the answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a set of instructional videos, on a special platform to which the users of our application have access all the time.


The VSoft Helpdesk platform allows you to quickly learn about the tool and find answers to bothering questions in no time. Thanks to it, you will also stay in constant contact with the VIB team. VSoft Helpdesk also has the option of submitting a proposal for the development of the application or asking a question about the way of its functioning. Additional support in working with the system is always available within a special Help area.


On the created platform, in specific departments, the functioning of individual areas of the system is described, along with additional information to facilitate their usage. In addition to the descriptions of the system operation, the “Help” section contains further information that will help you get started with the system and show you step by step what needs to be done to prepare for work.


In the module, there is a possibility of downloading many useful documents, and we have also created a place for the instructional videos, which are a perfect complement to the content of “Help” for everyone willing to expand their knowledge and skills.

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