How to sell more insurance to customers?

The foundation of an insurance sales person’s job is the contact with the customer, so it is worth paying close attention to how communication takes place, what problems occur during customer service and how the whole process can be improved. As the pool of customers grows, so does the amount of work to be done. CRM software for an insurance agent or an insurance broker can be a support for growth and the key to more efficient communication with multiple customers. This solution can not only affect the quality of work, but also the number of customers acquired and, as a result, sales statistics. How does it work? The following text explains it.

Brokers and agencies – the scope of activity

Both a broker and an insurance agent are intermediaries when concluding an insurance contract. However, the difference is significant – the broker’s principal is his client, while the agent’s principal is the Insurance Company (IC) they represent. The broker seeks a tailor-made offer for their client; the agent’s job, on the other hand, is to represent the IC and present a specific offer in the most attractive way.


Both functions belong to professions of public trust and, at the same time, the persons performing them fulfil various duties. For instance, a broker not only analyses the market and negotiates on behalf of the client, but is also obliged to assist the client throughout the duration of the contract. It is therefore within their competence to renegotiate terms and conditions or to oversee the loss adjustment process.


Such a wide range of responsibilities – and, above all, the constant need to stay in touch with clients – results in further challenges, especially for those intermediaries who patronise a larger group of people.


The answer to these challenges and, at the same time, a tool facilitating the work of the intermediary, is a software for an insurance broker, which, thanks to personalised modules, can accelerate a number of processes and improve contact with the client.

A system for a broker and an agency – how can it improve the quality of work?

A properly selected system for brokers, insurance agencies or brokerage firms is a factor that can have a positive effect on the quality and speed of the tasks performed.


Broker slips, or in other words broker enquiries, can henceforth be created much more efficiently. VSoft Insurance Broker (VIB) provides capabilities such as:

  • developing an insurance programme for the client,
  • sending enquiries to insurance companies,
  • registering offers from companies,
  • negotiating terms and conditions,
  • preparing a comparison,
  • sending recommendations to the client,
  • registering the policy.


The above-mentioned activities will be performed using exactly the same tool, and everything will be saved and systematised in one place by the software.


Moreover, the tool enables handling of specialised product lines. No matter whether the policies sold are life insurance or the intermediary’s field of operation includes fleets, property and warranty – each of these specific types of insurance is supported by a set of dedicated functionalities.


In doing so, we do not forget the essential role the mailbox plays in the intermediary’s work. The data in the e-mail can easily be integrated into the VIB. This gives us the ability to reply to any email from within the programme, and the information contained in the webmail can be linked to the case data. This solution again allows information to be systematised and collected in one place. Report generation will also become simpler with the right software for insurance intermediaries – in VIB, we compile the relevant reports ourselves using, for example, MS Excel or Power Bl, and all the data gathered in the system are at our fingertips.

Who is the VSoft aimed at?

The software is primarily aimed at brokers and brokerage firms – especially if they have multiple product lines in their offering. If, at present, brokers in a given firm do not have a unified system and instead use a number of small, non-integrated tools or a dedicated system for agents, they may find that their work is much less efficient.


Lack of business monitoring tools, manual handling of broker slips, no reliable database of all case information – if you are familiar with these problems, it is a sign that VSoft is aimed at you. From now on, all processes – from customer acquisition, through sales, to reporting and analytics – can be automated and far simpler.

The influence of work automation on customer satisfaction and the acquisition of new clients

As we all know, satisfied customers are the best advertising for a company. A satisfied customer, on the other hand, is one who is served quickly, gets reliable answers to their questions and can collect data on the product purchased in one place. All this is possible thanks to the VSoft Insurance Broker system.


Streamlining users’ workflow by effectively managing contacts and leads with their associated cases is just one feature that will improve the quality of the contact with customers. They also include functions such as:

  • sending correspondence to customers with attached documents.
  • storing customer information with the possibility of recording documents, correspondence, contacts and building up a customer knowledge base so that we precisely know the customer’s needs,
  • recording and monitoring damage by setting appropriate statuses


Moreover, the innovative corporate image created in the market through the use of a modern IT tool will undoubtedly enhance competitive advantage.

What tools does VSoft offer to insurance intermediaries?

The VSoft Insurance Broker application offers a number of different modules with applications on various levels. For instance:

  • the prospective customer work module – allows for one-click entry of new customer data thanks to integration with the CSO database and storage of all documents and correspondence relevant to the prospective customer;
  • policy module – is a kind of register of insurance policies, containing detailed information on each offer;
  • billing module – this in turn is a register of invoices and settlement of sales,
  • work organisation module – enables the planning of tasks for individual employees along with, for instance, deadlines for the completion of a specific task,
  • administration module – offers user management by, for example, defining access to the data of each employee individually and is responsible for controlling access to the system, in other words for authentication and authorisation.


These are just five of the many innovative modules, which also include the claims module, the processes module, the reports module or the insurance enquiries module. Each of these tools offers new possibilities that, when combined, create an extremely precise, multidimensional programme for a brokerage firm.

What tools does VSoft offer to intermediaries’ customers?

The VSoft tool is a benefit not only for an insurance broker, but also for the client. Any customer served by a chancellery in the System can access their client panel. Logging in to the panel will only require an email address and password – just like logging in to any other platform.


From the portal, the customer has access to their policies, claims and fleets. They can attach documents themselves and download those attached by the broker. Notification of damage can also be done online and the case is immediately transferred to the system of the relevant person. This solution also allows the customer to collect all contractual data – they do not have to navigate through folders of paper documents and can contact the broker’s office much more swiftly.

The advantages of using the system’s tools

When considering the system’s business distinguishing features, one should mention, above all, the possibility of implementing the software quickly. It is ensured by a clear and intuitive interface, as well as a number of aids: guidelines, instructional videos or a Help Desk panel, where specialists are waiting to answer any questions. A low entry threshold is also a huge advantage when implementing VSoft Insurance Broker – by making the system available as a service, it is possible to start work almost immediately after registering on the website. The basic data necessary for work are entered by default, so there is no need to spend time on tedious configuration from scratch.


Another advantage of VSoft Insurance Broker is the system’s configurability, i.e. the ability to customise it without technical support. All organisational structures can be personalised easily and a wide range of modules will provide support for all activities and processes taking place in the company.  The software is also fully safe and in addition to full data protection, it also sends payment reminders or renewal alerts.


  1. If you are looking for something to support you in fulfilling your duties as an insurance broker, you should consider a system for brokerage firms, for multiagencies or software for insurance agents.
  2. By implementing the right system, numerous processes can be automated, and this will consequently save working time, enable the creation of a unified database and facilitate contact with the customer.
  3. VSoft Insurance Broker offers a number of different supporting modules and the creation of a profile for the customer, where they can log in at any time to find information about their policy or make a claim.
  4. Automating processes, streamlining contact with customers and supporting routine activities with modern tools has a positive influence on customer satisfaction and helps to attract more buyers of insurance products.

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